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JAME 日本音楽事業者協会
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Heavy rock with Tokyo street style / There is a new generation of girls rock !


Girls heavy rock band "mixx" was formed by 3 girls from Tokyo in 2010.
the band released three studio recordings and played some gigs around Japan.
In 2011,girls left the group due to personal reasons and new members added.
The band started again with 3 amazing high school students.
and they soon added lead singer "Lamia"(student of art school) who had originally auditioned.
The new line up started to experiment with more heavy and loud sounds.

Vocal: Lamia
Birth : 18th Sep 1992
Place of Birth : Chiba,Japan
Blood : O

She's been singing since childhood.
She wrote some original songs and sang them in her bedroom every night.
And she was influenced by Loud Rock and Electronica to begin writing some
strange songs of her feelings and tried to sing.

Guitar : Missa
Birth : 28th Sep 1993
Place of Birth : Tokyo,Japan
Blood : B

Her father played electric guitar, her mother played acoustic guitar and her brother played piano.
her parents had her take piano lessons as a child, but she eventually became more interested in guitar.

Bass : Anna
Birth : 15th Jan 1994
Place of Birth : Chiba,Japan
Blood : AB

Her mother was a singer in punk rock band and her father was a bassist.
She grew up listening to and being influenced by punk rock from her early age.
and she started playing the bass guitar when she was junior high school student.

Drums : Non
Birth : 14th Mar 1994
Place of Birth : Tokyo,Japan
Blood : B

Her grandfather was a drummer and she grew up listening to his record collection of The Beatles.
Her grandfather bought a drum set just for fun when she was junior high school student.

mixx...real teenage girls heavy rock band just starting out.

***Photograph by / Hiroya Fukuda

***Costume Support / Rutuals by Kenzo A